Night Prayer for April 16

The night has arrived, my God, and my knees bend and my soul is filled with humility to raise to you my sincere prayer, full of gratitude and hope, with great faith, knowing that you hear my prayers, beloved Father.

It has been a long day, my God, like many others in which from the first hours of daylight we have been involved in our demands to fulfill the role of leading a dignified, just, and honest life, to be able to unite with you, my Lord.

The day has brought me good and bad moments, but I am grateful for everything my Lord, because from some I get happiness and from others, I get life lessons, and both are necessary sources in my life, because nothing would be of me, my Lord, without your trials, which strengthen my faith and my love for you.

Thank you, my Lord. The night is beautiful and your moon shines insatiably in the middle of the night sky. These are wonders that you give me, Lord, and I thank you with fervor because your blessings are not given at random. Everything that comes from you has a beautiful and beautiful purpose for my life.

I want to humbly ask you tonight, blessed God, that you may bring your comfort to those who are far from their homes. For those who left everything and went far away, leaving behind a broken heart, with the sole purpose of finding a better future for their family. Bless them, my Lord, and do not let them fall into the temptations of the enemy.

May this holy night shelter those who have nowhere to spend the night. May your night sky transmit calm and hope, my God, and give them the protection they need. Do not leave them alone, my Lord.

I ask you, with much faith, my Lord, that this be a peaceful night, not only for me but for those around me, that they may find calm after having had an exhausting day, that they may find the rest that their bodies need.

Please Holy God, I ask that you accompany me, that you shelter me in your arms and allow me to rest from my exhausting day. Protect my home and my family, take care of my friends and do not forsake us, my Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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