Night Prayer for April 17

Beloved Father, on this night, I want to thank you because you have allowed me to arrive safely at this moment because during the whole day, you have taken care of me and of those, I love the most. Thank you, my God, because without deserving it, you bless us and take care of us.

The night becomes silent and I get ready to talk to you, precious Lord, to thank you for all that you give me, for all that you take from me, and for all that you help me to achieve with my own means. You are a good and generous God.

I want to thank you because today I have learned a lot. It has been a tiring day and my body needs to rest, but I have learned so many things from my God, and I have detached myself from so many others, because you are a wise Father, and you know which are the things that do not let me move forward and become a good man, a man of profit.

Thank you for all the signs of affection that you gave me today. You gave me food, you gave me a house, you gave me a home to return to every night, and I am eternally grateful because you have given me the fortune of having this family, that day by day struggles to be a united family, full of joy, and that knows how to adore you, my Lord.

Tonight, Lord, I come to you with all my humility to ask you to pour your blessings on my home, to guide me Father on this long and narrow road, because it is the only one that leads to eternal life at your side; and to help me Lord to be diligent and to know how to choose what is right and what is not.

Beautiful Father, bless me tonight and grant that I fall asleep quickly, that my thoughts do not wander, and that I take advantage of every hour to rest this tired body.

Recharge my batteries and allow me to keep praising you, my God. I want to be a real man. I want to be able to make good decisions and I want to preach your word, my God.

Blessed Lord, I want to be pleasing to you and I want to continue helping in your work. I want to be part of your great plan of salvation. Give me your approval, Lord, and I hope that your holy will is always fulfilled, in the name of our only savior, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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