Night Prayer for April 18

Loving Father, tonight I kneel before you to thank you for all of the blessings you have bestowed on me and my family this day, to thank you for keeping us safe throughout the day, for protecting us, and for loving us unconditionally. Thank you, Father.

For this long day, I had challenges that I was able to face thanks to you. You did not leave my side for a moment, because you gave me your inspiration to know how to act in the face of every difficulty. Thank you, my Lord, for your support and for your constant guidance.

Beautiful God, thank you because today I was able to carry out my daily activities, today I was able to fulfill my obligations, and today I was able to move a little closer to achieving my goals, both earthly and spiritual.

My Heavenly Father, I feel so grateful, because this morning I woke up full of vitality. You gave me health to be able to share with my loved ones. You gave me well-being. And you gave me time, valuable time to enjoy with my family and friends, time to share and help.

My Beloved God, here on my knees and with a heart full of humility, I would like to ask you to protect us tonight from all danger and evil, so that my loved ones do not have afflictions, that their sorrows are dispelled and that fear does not appear in their dwellings.

Dear Lord, I ask that you take care of those people who are in the streets, protect their bodies from the cold, and give them the hope that, with faith and effort, everything will get better for them.

Lord of mercy, grant that everyone who has left their home tonight returns home safely, that nothing bad happens to them, and that those who want to do evil do not succeed. Give us tonight, Holy Father, the security of knowing that you are always with us and that you will not forsake us for a moment.

May your teachings guide us and may it be your infinite love that keeps us well. Please, my Lord, may I sleep tonight and may my body get the rest it needs so that tomorrow I can get up again if you want it, my God, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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