Night Prayer for April 19

Blessed Father, now that the night has come, I want to thank you for all the blessings poured over me this day. You have given me so much, my Lord. You have protected and blessed me. You have shown me all your love and understanding in each of my daily activities. Thank you for having allowed me to reach this moment and to be able to be here on my knees before you.

I thank you, my Lord because throughout the day I did not lack food, I did not lack clothes, I did not lack a home. I thank you for allowing me to be here tonight, surrounded by my family, and about to go to rest in a warm bed.

All-day long, I have felt Your Sacred Spirit prowling my soul. You have not left me alone for a second, Lord. You care about me and my family, and I thank you, my God. After all, we have returned home safely, because we can embrace and say goodnight to each other one more night.

Thank you, blessed Lord, because today I could fulfill my obligations because I could be of help to my home and my work. Thank you for having given me talents and abilities that I can develop daily.

I want to ask you, with all humility, my beloved God, that tonight you may cover my home with your sacred mantle. I ask you please that you may keep us away from all evil, that you do not allow evil to prowl our home, and that it may harm us.

May my body get the physical rest it needs tonight. May my body get the physical rest it needs. May I recover from the spiritual tiredness so that tomorrow, if you wish, I may rise again and be an instrument of preaching for your cause, my Lord.

I ask from my heart, my blessed God, that with your protective mantle you cover those who are in the streets at the disposal of evil. Please take care of them and give them the strength to withstand the trials they are going through.

Dear Sacred God, may this night be a night of calm for all. May we find in our rest the rest and comfort that we so long for in our lives. I ask you, my Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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