Night Prayer for April 20

King of my heart, the day is ending and the night is already making its presence known. My heart feels grateful because throughout the day I could feel your presence in my life and around me. You have not let go of my hand and you have remained by my side.

Thank you, gracious God, because you have placed wonderful people in my life, people from whom I learn and with whom I can share my love and help them in whatever they need. Thank you for allowing me to serve my family, my friends, and those who needed me today.

Blessed Father, this day you gave me the joy of having food on my table and you gave me the fortune of having a job to be able to support my family. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy material goods, which make our daily life easier.

I want to thank you, my Lord, for having kept us safe and in good health, because you did not let the evil one harm us and because you kept us away from the danger that lives everywhere. Thank you for having protected me and my loved ones.

My blessed Lord, I want to ask you earnestly for my brothers, for those who suffer some illness and are prostrated in a hospital bed. I ask you for them to give them courage, to give them strength, to give them courage and hope that the disease does not knock down their faith.

Please, God of power, pour your blessings tonight on those who are alone, on those who are going through difficult times, on those who have lost someone special; I pray for them and hope that you, my Lord, can bring them comfort; only you can bring peace to their hearts.

May you, Father, grant us your forgiveness on this blessed night; if we have done something wrong, if we have failed this day, if we have offended you, My God, forgive us, cleanse our souls with your sacred blood of redemption, and give us the forgiveness we need to sleep peacefully tonight.

My Lord, give us the rest that our bodies need, give us peace and calm so that we can rest and renew our strength, so that tomorrow, if you will, Father, we can start again and be better people and children for you, my God, do not abandon us tonight; keep us safe from harm, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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