Night Prayer for April 22

Lord of my life, tonight, more than asking you, I have much to thank you for, and I’d like to start by thanking you for keeping me and my family healthy throughout the day; thank you, my Lord, for protecting us with your Sacred Mantle.

Loving Father, I want to thank you for having entrusted me with this beautiful family. Thank you for allowing them to carry my blood and that we are so united. Thank you for having chosen me to be the one who takes care of them, to be the one who can support them and love them.

Father, thank you because you have given me intelligence because you gave me skills and abilities. Thank you for all those things that help me to continue to improve as a person. Thank you, because every day I can expand my knowledge and because I can strengthen my faith in you.

Dear God, thank you for taking care of me this day, for taking care of my thoughts and my actions. Thank you, blessed Father, because you have provided me with everything I needed this day. I have not lacked food, I have not lacked a roof or a family.

On this night, Beloved Father, I pray for your forgiveness. For every mistake, for every offense, I have committed against you or against my brothers. Forgive me for my lack of empathy with others, my lack of tact in saying things. Forgive me for having hurt those who love me.

The Blessed Lord of Mercy, I beseech you that tonight you may watch over my dreams so that thought of rancor, revenge, and hatred towards those who have hurt me or betrayed me do not come to my mind. Help me, Lord, that all feelings that do not come from you may disappear from my being.

Take care of me and my family tonight. Protect my home from evildoers and those who seek to divide us; I beg you, Lord, to keep my family together; may love to keep us strong, and may your word give us the hope we need.

I ask my beloved God to give my body the rest it needs, that you give my mind serenity, and that you give my soul comfort so I can forget everything unpleasant that may have happened today. Pour your blessings on my house, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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