Night Prayer for April 23

Blessed Father, as the night draws in, I kneel before you to magnify your name and thank you for all the blessings you have showered upon my life today. For having given me so much even without deserving it, my beloved God.

My Divine Lord, I am so grateful to you for giving an ear to my prayers this morning because you took care of me and mine as only a true father could do. Thank you for answering each one of my prayers, for paying attention to my needs, to my difficulties, and to my prayers.

Thank you, beautiful God, because today I did not lack food. Today I was able to enjoy with my family all that you have on our table, in our home. Thank you because you provide me with everything I need.

I want to give you infinite thanks, my beloved Father because this day I was able to carry out each of my daily activities. I was able to achieve my objectives because I was able to fulfill my words and goals for this day. Thank you for having given me the tools to achieve everything I set out to do this day, my Lord.

My Father, tonight I want to ask you for those who are suffering the loss of a loved one. Give them comfort, my Lord. Give them the certainty that someday they will meet again. Help them to move forward. May the grief and pain not knock them down.

Please, my divine Lord, keep safe those who have nowhere to sleep tonight under your protective mantle, that evil may not touch them, and that they may be able to bear their burdens. Give them courage, my God, and hope for a better future.

Sacred Father, With a humble heart, I want to ask you to once again shower your blessings on my house and on all those who live in it. Give us health, give us protection, give us the peace that we need tonight to be able to sleep in peace.

Tonight, may I become aware of those things I am doing wrong, and that tomorrow I can start again being a renewed and good man. Help me to follow your path, Lord, and never let go of my hand. Keep me firm at your side, because that is where I want to be. Amen, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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