Night Prayer for April 24

Father in heaven, my soul rejoices with happiness to see your greatness. You give me everything I need and more, you shower me with your sacred blessings, and you allow me to come to this moment to be able to talk to you.

Thank you for allowing me to return safely to my home, for allowing me to have my family here in this same place and under the same roof. Thank you for having brought them safely to our home. Thank you for your sacred protection, blessed Father.

The King of Kings I want to thank you for providing us with everything we needed this day. Thank you for giving us our daily bread, for allowing my children to go to bed with clean clothes and full stomachs. Thank you for giving me the fortune of being able to support my family.

I want to thank you, God, for my life. After all, throughout the day I could feel your spirit watching over me because I could hear and feel the whispers of your spirit. After all, you have kept me firm in your hand, Lord, and despite the trials, I have not fallen, and I continue standing praising your name.

I know that you are always by my side, Lord. That is why I want to ask you not to leave me, that you protect me and take care of me from the dangers of this world, that evil does not affect me, and that those who want to harm me do not achieve their goal. I ask you, my blessed God, that tonight you can cover me with your sacred protective mantle.

I ask you with great faith, my Lord, that tonight you may shower your blessings on my beloved family, that they may obtain the rest and tranquility they need, that they may rest their tired bodies and renew their energies.

Heavenly Father, give me enough intelligence to realize my mistakes, to be able to recognize them and repent of them. Give me the wisdom to act in a manner consistent with my thoughts and my love for you, Father. Do not allow me to hurt others or fail you, my Lord.

Give me the opportunity tonight, Holy Father, to be able to rest my body and get the rest that I need so much. Let the negative thoughts escape from my mind and I can have a pleasant sleep. Stay by my side, Lord. I ask all this in the name of your beloved son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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