Night Prayer for April 25

Beloved Father, the night has arrived and I find myself here on my knees before you, to thank you for each one of your immense blessings. Because I am here by my bed, tired from so many experiences, but full of well-being, of experiences, and above all, full of your immense love, Lord.

Thank you, Beautiful Father, because you have not forsaken me for a moment. You have remained by my side throughout this day. You have protected me from every danger. You have armed me with courage in every difficult circumstance that I had to go through. You have given me the courage to move forward.

Lord of my life, I want to also thank you for every person you have placed in my life because they have taught me so much, because they have given me so much, and each one of them has shown me how different and special each one of your children is.

Almighty God, I am extremely grateful for each of your attentions to me because you know what I need and provide it for me and my family; thank you for putting food on my table today, for the clothes we were able to wear today, for the transportation, and for everything else that you allow us to have today.

I want to ask you tonight, Holy Father, to be our shield against evil. That you take care of us and protect us from those who want to harm us. That you protect my home so that evil cannot penetrate it and that we are strong in the face of any adversity.

May we sleep peacefully tonight. Beautiful God, knowing that it is you who takes care of our tired bodies and our exhausted minds, stay by our side tonight. My Father, may nothing take us away from your hand, my Lord.

I pray to you today, Lord, for those who have not yet known the greatness of your love; for those who refuse to acknowledge your existence in their lives; for each one of them, Lord, give them clarity in their minds and touch their hearts so that they do not harden anymore.

Tonight, Father, may we all have peace in our hearts, may our daily worries be put aside to make way for beautiful and peaceful dreams, may our bodies regain all of the strength they have lost today, and may we always await your holy will, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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