Night Prayer for April 26

The day is ending and I kneel again before you to glorify your name and give thanks for all the blessings you have poured on me. Lord, your love for your children is eternal, my God.

I want to thank you, Father, because this journey has been of many benefits and learning for me, because you have given me the ability to perform my activities successfully, and because I have been able to learn from every stumble. Thank you, beloved father, for your advice and your motivation.

Thank you for protecting me throughout the day, for protecting my family, because we are safe in our home from all evil, and for allowing us to gather here tonight in your name, my God.

Thank you for each of the people you have placed in my life; thank you for how wonderful they are and for providing me with their company, and thank you, blessed Father, for providing me with the right words to express myself to them without hurting their feelings.

I beseech you, My Lord, to throw your most beautiful and sacred mantle over those who are going through difficulties, for those who are suffering, for those who have pain in their souls; give them your comfort, Lord, and do not allow pain to harden their fragile hearts.

Give me, blessed Lord, your forgiveness because I am not perfect and I make countless mistakes, but I want to be better, Father, I want to be a pleasing son of whom you can be proud. Forgive me, Holy God, for all my sins. Forgive me if I have failed or if I have failed any of my brothers.

Please, Lord, remove all evil from my home tonight, remove all negative feelings, remove all discomfort from my loved ones, and bless all my family, that they may be safe under your protection.

Tonight, may my body get the rest it requires, and may I rest my mind and thoughts so that my body can get the rest it deserves. Please, Father, bless my home, protect us, and drive away evil from all of us; I pray that you will be done, beloved Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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