Night Prayer for April 27

Heavenly Father, I am about to converse with you, to reveal to you all the desires of my heart, even though you already know them, O my God. Tonight, I did not want to pass up the opportunity to talk to you as only a son does with his father.

Tonight, my Lord, I want to thank you first of all for every time you answered my prayers, for every time you answered my call, for every time you stretched out your hand to me and did not let go, for every time you held me in your arms when I could no longer bear the pains of my soul.

Thank you, my God, because my tired body is proof of everything I’ve experienced today, because in my memory are all the experiences I’ve had and all the lessons they’ve taught me.

I am grateful to you, Father, for everything you have allowed in my life today, as well as everything you have taken away from my life; I am grateful to you, Father, because everything you do in my life has a sacred purpose, and only you know what my heart and body require.

I ask you with a humble heart, Lord, that tonight you may watch over me and my family in the same way that you watched over us all day. I ask you not to take us away from your side, my Lord, that we may enjoy your company and the presence of your Spirit tonight.

Protect us Father, may all evil depart from my home. May all evil leave my home, may nothing shake our faith, may nothing cause us to tremble with fear knowing that we have you by our side, Lord, and may our dreams be pleasant, our thoughts be healthy, and our bodies be given the rest they require.

Blessed God, on this night, I want to ask you earnestly for those children who are in the power of evil people, that tonight you may cover them with your mantle and that evil may not hurt them, that their eyes may not shed tears, and that their hearts may beat peacefully.

Pour your blessings upon your children, my Lord. Give us peace and calm tonight. Bless us with your love and your sacred protection. But always, my Lord, may your will be done above all our desires. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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