Night Prayer for April 28

Tonight, Heavenly Father, I thank you for taking care of me and my family throughout the day. Thank you for your protection and because you always take me by the hand, I lack nothing if I am with you.

I want to thank you, Father, because, during the day, you allowed me to be able to carry out my activities. Because you helped me to successfully complete each activity that I had proposed. Thank you, Lord, for your understanding and your eternal company.

On this warm night, I want to thank you for the family that you have entrusted to me, for having placed them in my life, and because they are part of me, I can enjoy their smiles, their dreams, and their goals.

Thank you, my Father, because today there was no lack of bread on my table because I was able to support my family and cover their needs. Thank you, my Lord, for the work that you allowed me to have, for the possibility to continue growing as a person.

Gracious God, tonight I want to ask for your forgiveness because I know I’ve made mistakes, sinned, and failed you Lord, but I ask for your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart because I don’t want to drift away from your holy presence. My God, forgive my mistakes, help me forget them, and give me the resolve to never make them again.

Tonight, Holy Father, may my mouth emit only words of sweetness and compassion towards my family. May I be a patient man with the problems of my home. May I listen to the affairs of my family. May I never be indifferent to their sorrows or joys.

I pray to My Beloved God that tonight will bring us pleasant dreams, positive thoughts, and plenty of rest for our tired bodies; that you will fill us with your light; that we will always see the good in every situation, no matter how difficult it may be; and that we will always see a way out.

I beg you, Lord, to cover my house with your sacred mantle of protection; to watch over our dreams; to take care of our bodies and minds; to keep everything bad out of my home, Holy Father; to always be on our side; to shelter us in your arms; and to always have your will done in my life and in the life of my family, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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