Night Prayer for April 29

The moon shines in the middle of the sky, reminding me Lord of your immense love, reminding me that you are always there, that even if I am not aware of it, you are always watching me and watching over me.

Thank you for allowing me to reach this moment with my family. Thank you because we are well because nothing hurt us and we have the joy of spending this night in a bed, in our home, and not in a hospital or in jail. Thank you, blessed Father, for your immense consideration for us.

I want to thank you, Lord, because my table today was full, and was surrounded by those I love the most. Thank you for keeping us united, because your love strengthens us and allows us to continue fighting against the challenges that arise in our lives.

I am eternally grateful to you for watching over me all night; you sacrificed your sleep to give it to me and my family so that evil would not disturb my home; thank you for giving us the rest we so desperately needed; thank you, my God.

I want to ask you tonight, Lord, with humility and complete sincerity, that you may forgive my sins. I am an earthly man, and I almost always make mistakes, but I want to be better every day, Father. I want to be to your liking and I want you to be proud of me.

May those people who are going through difficult or painful situations have your comfort and your love so that tonight they may rest easy and think better about their actions. May they solve their dilemmas by always taking the best way, which is you, Father.

Please, Holy God, take care of those who are returning to their homes; protect them from evil. May they all arrive home safely, may they embrace their loved ones tonight, and may they get the peace of mind they need. Amen, according to your holy will, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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