Night Prayer for April 30

You give me a beautiful night my God, and it is the perfect opportunity to talk to You, to tell You about my day, my sorrows and joys, because only You understand me and know what I really need. Father, You already know what is in my heart and I just want to reaffirm my love through this humble prayer.

I want to start by thanking you for everything that happened this day, for the good and not so good things, for every experience lived and gained, for every mistake that taught me a lesson, for every decision that brought me relief and also concern.

Father tonight I just want to thank your infinite goodness, because you allow me to have the fortune to enjoy my family and share beautiful and unforgettable moments with them, thank you Lord, because you put these incredible people in my life, to teach me the true meaning of life and love for others.

Thank you, my God, because I lacked nothing this day, I had bread on my table, I had a house, I had a job, I had a family and above all because I have You my Lord, who never fails me and never abandons me, thank you for all your beautiful blessings, thank you for your infinite love.

My Father, God of all, tonight I want to ask for your protection, I want to ask you to please stay by my side, to bless my home and those who live in it, do not depart from us tonight my Lord, because we need your sacred protection.

I ask you with much sorrow in my heart Father, for those people who suffer, who are sick, who are going through moments of great pain, I ask you for them my Lord, give them your comfort, give them your peace, that tonight all their sorrows may dissipate and give way to beautiful dreams.

Please my God, tonight, may those who have nowhere to spend the night be safe under your protection Lord, may their faith not be broken and may their hearts not be hardened Lord.

Give me the necessary rest Father, and may negative thoughts not haunt my mind, may evil not penetrate my home tonight, Lord, in the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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