Night Prayer for May 1

My blessed Father, I kneel tonight to praise your name, to thank you for all that you give me, Lord, and to confess all that my heart keeps in suspense for you, thank you that tonight I can rest from all that I have lived this day.

Thank you my Lord for the roof that covers my house, because it protects us from all evil that comes from outside, thank you because tonight I have a place to sleep, because I have clothes that cover my body, because I can give this home to my family, thank you for allowing me to have access to all these things my God.

Thank you for the daily food, for every piece of bread we take to our mouths, for keeping our bodies nourished, for strengthening my health and that of my family, thank you Father for not leaving us in need, for giving me the joy of being able to support my family and give them what they need to have a dignified life in this world.

Thank you for each one of the people that you put in my path today Lord, because I was able to learn from each one of them, and because I gained great friends, thank you for giving me the ability to express what I think and feel, thank you for the ability to hear others and be a support for them.

I ask you my God, that you give me a night full of calm, that my thoughts do not spin around in my head and I can rest, that my body can replenish the energy it lost today and that my soul can recharge all the faith and hope it needs to be able to face the world again tomorrow.

Please Holy Father, may debts, family problems, friends who betray, lack of love, work and its stress not make me deny You and your sacred plan for my life, help me to understand all that You have written for me and for my life, help me to see clearly what You teach me Lord.

I ask You with fervent love, to guard my mind from evil thoughts, remove from my mind all vanity, from my heart all greed, from my body all lust, help me to be firm in my principles Holy God, that I may be able to reject all that defiles my soul.

Stay by my side tonight Lord, give me your support and shelter me in your arms, pour your blessed Blood over my home so that nothing disturbs us and nothing hurts us, help us to be better people every day and give us tonight the rest we need, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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