Night Prayer for May 4

Dear God of goodness, I want to take advantage of this moment to talk to you, before my body falls into my bed from the exhaustion of the day. I thank you Father, because in secret I can find you, because you do not rest even for a second to take care of me from all evil.

Thank You Lord, for all that I have been able to live today as Your gift, for the good experiences that I have had, those that are shown in everything that lives and breathes, especially in my family, in my friends, in each brushstroke of Your creation.

If I offended you with any lack of charity during the day, I ask your forgiveness Lord, if I did not treat with tenderness those who needed that show of affection, forgive me Lord, I ask for your mercy through your infinite goodness Lord, so that my heart may be healed of all guilt and pay more attention and resistance before temptation.

I also ask for your mercy, Lord, for all those who have lost faith in you, so that they may return to meet you with signs of life and meaning in their lives. Sometimes disappointments in people or situations, make us move away from You, without seeing the background of your teaching in those moments.

Give them also a good rest and, through their dreams, may You manifest to them the great value they have in Your eyes and the courage they must have in the face of adversity. May they not be distracted by the injustice or wickedness of the world, for the glory of the world is vain and all things pass away.

Tonight, I want to get rid of all the burdens that make my heart heavier, tear away all uncertainty and bad thoughts that want to wake me up from sleep. I want to surrender to rest with the assurance that once again you will watch over my peace of mind, my good Lord.

Come what may, You will remain the King who can do all things through the humility of service, blessed are You forever, O heavenly Father. For there is none better than You to draw smiles on the sad hearts that seek You.

Stay and be my light in this dark night my Lord, I need You to be able to sleep in peace and with the hope that tomorrow we will see each other again, all this under the love and Name of Your Son Jesus, Amen.

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