Night Prayer for May 5

Merciful Lord, one more day culminates with many blessings and today I come before You and I kneel down to thank You with a satisfied heart. Thank you blessed God, for this arduous day, where I had much to do in order not to be a prisoner of laziness or conformity, thank you for the protection that you gave me, accompanying each step that brought me back home.

Thank you, Father, for listening to the first cry of the day, for having allowed me to live all of today’s experiences with the conviction that, in each one, there is a good purpose for my life. Thank you for the smiles, for the joys and good atmosphere that I lived with several people.

I want my heart to rest in You now, to live again, to regain the strength that my body and soul need. Although I do not know what tomorrow or later may happen, for You I want to follow my Lord, I want to try once again with a new dawn full of much blessing.

Teach me to walk without fear to love again beautiful Father, to continue with much more dignity than yesterday, with much more awareness that all emptiness of the soul can only be filled by You. Pour all your grace and mercy on me and all my family my Lord, to remain in your happiness.

Only one thing is necessary for me, blessed Father: to be able to keep myself in Your presence, in Your infinite love. I wish to be embraced by Your grace tonight my Lord, and that every star of your creation, be light for every corner of my home and my home, I need to rest in Your peace.

I pray for those who are being persecuted to death for following you, for people who are attacked or mocked without scruples because of intolerance and radical fundamentalism, for people discriminated against in all conditions, so that they may not be afraid to continue rowing against the current.

I also ask You for my friends, only You know what each one keeps in their hearts, the dreams and frustrations they have inside, the projects they have for their work or professional life, the joys and sorrows they experience and that sometimes do not let them sleep.

Grant me the joy of beholding a new dawn and may it be opportune to mold my heart in Your potter’s hands Lord, be here with me good God, watching over my sleep, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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