Night Prayer for May 7

Beautiful Father of goodness, King of the Universe, good evening; I come on my knees tonight to talk to you. I have so many things to say to you my Lord that I would not know where to begin. You are a Father full of mercy and I thank You for it.

Thank you my Lord, because during the day, I could be calm, enjoying your blessing. From my bed I place myself under your protection and gaze, so that I may be watched over by your love, and thus come to have a rest free from disturbances, keeping the hope of obtaining a fresher awakening, filled with your holy presence.

I thank you dear Father, because your mercy was present all the time of the day, thank you that I learned a little more of the lessons that came to me through trials. Thank you that you took care of me, that you let me return home free from danger and allowed me once again to be reunited with my loved ones. Tonight my God, I feel loved and thoughtful of You.

Today was a very nice gift for my existence, one more that I collect in the album of my heart, I want my soul to rejoice in your love through my praises and my songs, because you have shown your greatness in every detail before my eyes, Lord.

Almighty Lord, I bring to you my humble prayer, to ask you to take control of everything in my life, my dreams, my desires, so that you may grant me one more day to realize them. Keep me safe O blessed God, and keep me from all prejudice of my enemies.

God of glory, pour out your blessings on all those who seek you unceasingly, on my home and family, on my friends and on those creatures who do not know how to address you, but who somehow know of your existence.

Father of love, I am sure that, while I sleep, You will not stop working and watching over me and those around me. That is why I want to give you my tiredness, my pains, my bitter moments, my sadness and everything that troubles my mind and heart, so that you can restore all that and give it back to me with peace of mind my God.

I ask you to grant me the opportunity for a grace-filled awakening so that I may do all that is under your will. Embrace me with your peace Father, for it is time to rest my weary body in your arms, in the grace and vigilance of our Lord Jesus, Amen.

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