Night Prayer for May 8

Blessed God of my life, this day has ended but my heart is still awake to turn to you in my prayer and thank you very much for everything that has happened on this blessed day that you gave me as a gift. The good moments encouraged me to finish everything I had ordered so far, and the bad ones allowed me to see your face with more emphasis and learn from them, thank you a thousand times Lord.

Thank you to the people who crossed my path on this day, because they allowed me to understand a little more what service means, they taught me about patience and also about your inexhaustible love. I ask you to bless them and let their hearts rest in your hands with peace of mind.

Dear Father, thank you because today I was able to be close to my family and I was able to know more about them by sharing good moments and great anecdotes. Take good care of their spirit, heal the illnesses that some of them suffer, but, above all, lead them on your paths of holiness and firmness in faith.

Thank you also Lord, for the people who dedicated part of their lives to me and took the time to gladden and kindle my soul, because by doing so they show me how close they are to you, they tell me how merciful you are, and how good it feels to be in your presence, glorious are you forever my God.

If it were not for the power of your grace, there would be no explanation or meaning to my life, I would not have the talents you give me that make my self-confidence grow, I would not have the beautiful people who brighten my days with their friendship.

All that You allow, my God of power, may it be eternal. What I offer You in my prayer, it is all that I have left for these hours of the night, it does not compare with all that You give me, but I do it with much frankness and with much affection, Oh wonderful God, everything is yours Lord, because by Your side I lack nothing to be happy.

Forgive me Lord, for the pride that at times dominated me, for some words and thoughts that offended my brothers, or because I thought I was enough to do things without taking you into account.

Send your Spirit my God, to take my heart and renew it completely and illuminate it like the sun that you place every dawn. I will struggle a little more to remain in You in the grayest moments. Under your protection I lay me down and in the Name of Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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