Night Prayer for May 9

Dear God, the day is about to come to an end with the onset of night and raising my gaze towards the blue sky you created, I call you to talk to you for a while. You know, Lord, thinking of all that I have experienced today, I can say that I feel entirely grateful for your blessings.

And, taking advantage of the fact that the external noises are disappearing with the passing of the hours, I want to silence my mind of all imprudent thoughts, so that I can listen to you in secret, dear Father.

Prostrate on my knees before You, I ask You to grant me the blessing for my rest, that Your calm may cover me from head to toe to rest pleasantly from all the fatigue and effort that I put into every labor. I want you to know that I believe, I adore and love you with all my heart.

In your hands, I want to place every burden that weighs down my soul, along with my worries and sorrows. Give me everything I need to regain strength and energy to face this new dawn with much more courage, because with you I can do everything and I have nothing to fear.

I would like to ask you my good Lord, for each member of my family, for those I get along with and for those I don’t get along with so well, so that we may always find in you a refuge and protection, so that we may sleep calmly, nestled in your extensive love.

You have no comparison my almighty God, how beautiful you are in patience, in faith, in docility. I want to always stay by your side, because it feels so good to be in your presence. You are so great and wonderful, because you do not forsake any person who loves you.

Thank You for the good things that I was able to experience today and for the uncomfortable ones as well, I would like Lord, that You put in front of my goals and my difficulties, so that they may be instructed and managed in Your providence and if You want, give me prosperity in them. I place my trust in the great projects that you have for me, King of the universe.I want to praise you until the last breath of my life, and being the time to give my body to rest, I have the peace of mind that you take care of me from the infinite. Under your grace everything is better, I trust that my prayers are heard and that tomorrow I will be able to have one more day to follow your precepts, hand in hand with Jesus, my great friend and your beloved Son, Amen.

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