Night Prayer for May 10

Merciful Lord, what a beautiful night that I can contemplate today in the midst of my tiredness. I want to say good night to You through this prayer of love. I come before You to thank You my God, for the blessing that You gave me as the hours of this day passed, because I could once again feel loved by You in my daily work.

Thank You for the opportunities of conversion, for the joyful moments that I was able to experience in the company of new people and people who continue to maintain friendship with me. I ask that your mercy be poured out on each one of us to awaken us in grace and gratitude.

I thank you, too, for the not-so-good times, which have made me a little unhinged. Help me to find strength in them and thus understand the reason why you allow them. Grant me the wisdom, O my God, so that day by day I may bear them with greater righteousness and thus make decisions that are favorable in my life.

Taking advantage that all noise is silenced, and that everything is becoming calmer, I prostrate on my knees to ask for the company of your blessing, but at the same time that you grant me a full rest tonight my Lord.

Wonderful God, I believe in You, in what You do and say and I love You with all my strength. And, with this strength of my heart, I ask you to grant me full rest in your presence, to free from all evil any thought that wants to disturb my dreams.

Into your hands I place my fatigue, my weariness, all my worries that weigh down my soul. Today I want to be embraced by your divine peace Father, to replenish all my strength and energy spent by the day and the hustle and bustle. I want to thank you because you covered with care my way back home and filled with blessings every work I did, and allow me tomorrow to achieve everything that occupies me without any fear.

I would like to ask You, great Father, for my family, I thank You for the care You have placed in their days. Let me meet you tonight, in our secret, in our refuge, so that we may sleep wrapped in your infinite love. 

You are incomparable my God, merciful to every creature; I beg you to gladden my soul and do not allow sadness to invade this room. If tonight is your will Lord, give me the opportunity to wake up one day with you, under your precepts which are the most important for the path of holiness, in the name of the good Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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