Night Prayer for May 11

Good Father, I bid You good night opening my heart with this prayer for You. I thank you very much Lord, because the day is ending with beautiful moments, which I enjoyed very much, because you placed in me, many blessings throughout this day. 

Thank you God of my life, because during this day, you removed all evil from my side and I was able to arrive until now with much enthusiasm to know that I am the product of your master and that I am the son that you protect with all your love.

I thank you in a very special way, Father God, for my family and for all the people who are very important to me. Thank you Lord, because you take care of their journey and their return home and because you do not take your eyes off them. Thank you because you maintain the union in us and you strengthen it more and more.

Blessed God, tonight, I offer you my mind and my heart to make them rest because I have all the strength spent by the hustle and bustle and I need them to be recovered to face with greater purpose, the new challenges tomorrow.

Thank you very much Lord, for the path that you lovingly paint for me, because You lead my walk with much peace, because You carefully place the right people to ease my life a little more, leaving me advice and an experience that each time brings me closer to your love. Thank you for granting us the great joy of being your children.

My God, this night that is getting quieter, I want to tell you about the hard moments I had to go through. About the indifference I received, about the lack of affection and interest of some people that I considered very much, moments in which hurt me and make me once again turn to You. 

Thank you again Lord, for the food that you lovingly brought to my table, for the home where I live and where I can safely return to take rest and protect myself. Thank you for the health that you maintain in my body to successfully carry out my activities and for the beautiful family of blood and of Christ that you give me.

Now eternal Father, I prepare myself to sleep in your arms, with the assurance that you will take care of every dream and every beat of this heart during the night. If it is your will that I have a new dawn, I ask that it always begins with a face to face encounter with you, in the silence and meditation of prayer, I ask it in the name of the beautiful Jesus, Amen.

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