Night Prayer for December 5

Thank you, blessed Lord, because one more day is coming to end. Bless me with a rest that replenishes my energies and renews my soul. I kneel before You because it is the only way to glorify and honor You for your thousands of wonders in my life. Tonight, I will give it to You.

I want to thank you because you give me your help every day because you give me the strength to face the trials and you give me the conviction that I will succeed if you are by my side. Thank you for all the moments that you allowed, the good and the bad, because from all of them I get learning that makes me reflect on my actions and on my service towards others.

Tonight, kneeling at the side of my bed, I ask you for the safety of my home, for the care of my family, and for the prosperity in their work. Thank you for keeping us united and sharing your love. Thank you that you do not abandon us and place the food on our table, because you become a refuge in our moments of anguish and because only with your hand will we achieve salvation.

I beg your forgiveness, our Father, if there were moments where I acted badly, where my ego filled my heart with pride and I did not know how to treat my neighbor, moments where I doubted your word and deviated from the path of righteousness. Pour out your mercy on my confused heart and take evils away from me.

I want to rest easy, trusting in You. Pour your spirit of peace on me to focus on what is really necessary, that I don´t worry about future things, help me to understand that You are the owner and Lord of everything, that nothing will happen if you don’t want it to happen.

Good, great and faithful God, that tomorrow I will follow in your footsteps to achieve my wishes. Merciful God, thank you for captivating my heart, thank you for taking the fear out of my life, and for removing everything that traps me and leaves me without freedom.

Heavenly Father, tonight I want to ask You especially for the people who don´t know You, for those who chose other paths and for whom life strikes them with great pain so that they can find in You the calm, the comfort, and the rest that so much looking for.

Thank you, my God, because I know that you are listening to my prayers, that you are listening to my prayers, and that you will not allow anything to happen to me tonight. Grant me, if it is your wish, one more day full of blessings and that you stay by my side making me feel your presence. I ask and thank you for everything, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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