Night Prayer for May 13

Holy Father, good evening, the day has darkened and everything is becoming silent and serene. I take advantage of all this to get down on my knees and turn to You tired, practically with my heart in my hands and my gaze on Your beautiful sky.

Thank You for this great day that has passed, and for every moment that You have allowed me to live. Thank You because if I have come this far, it is because You have protected me from all dangers, because You have protected me so much so that I may return home with peace of mind and be able to give You my prayer tonight.

I would like to ask you for me, Lord, to soften my heart more and more, so that it may become more of flesh and less of stone like yours, so that it may be clean and sweet. Mold my heart in the way I most need it, increase my faith so that I may continue to trust blindly in You.

Having You by my side, every battle is conquered, every dark space is illuminated, every heart is restored, Your voice is a symbol of victory. I would like my prayer to always be constant, to be true and not only to ask without being pleasing.

You are the center of my life and the reason why I sometimes find the strength to share my daily life with you and sing your praises, even if I do not know how to speak well or how to express myself, I want to praise you my Lord, in anguish and joy be praised Lord.

Thank you for removing from my life all disorder, all harm, for knowing how to place me when I need it, you have the precise moment to grant me the desires I ask of you, the right moment to give me your love and patience when despair wants to take control of my character.

Now that your presence grows larger in this room, I ask you once again to renew me with the power of your mercy. Cleanse every stain that blights my life, forgive my faults today my Lord, fan the fire of my heart so that it will not be quenched by any earthly power.

With the passing of the hours, my body no longer gives more and I want my gratitude to be the last thing I give you tonight. Thank you for listening to me in spite of my unworthiness, wrap my heart with your peace so that nothing disturbs my sleep, do not go away my guardian, I hope in YOU, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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