Night Prayer for May 14

Precious Lord, today I get everything ready for sleep, and the first thing I put on the list is my prayer to You. With much faith and devotion I thank You tonight, for all that You do and will do in my life. It is very nice to know that your presence is with me and that tonight I feel more accompanied than ever.

Thank you for those good things that caused joy in my day and for those others that did not turn out as I expected, I know that there is a learning inside each one of them, but sometimes I do not understand it; I still thank you my God.

Lord of my life, I am grateful because today you did not let me lack anything, neither health, nor food, nor love, nor family or friends. Thank you Father, because you do not ignore my pleas and you are attentive to my prayers, you are always with me even when I feel that everything is being lost in the world.

Today I could feel surrounded by your mercy and your grace and, in this vast dark blue of the sky, I ask for your blessing. I invite you to dwell in my home once again, incomparable Lord, walk through every corner of my home showering blessing and bliss.

Send the comfort and strength of your Holy Spirit, to dwell in us and lead us on the path of light and carry the dry hearts that thirst for You, quench their lives with your infinite love and place in me a humble heart, pure as that of a little child my Lord, to always worship You as You deserve.

Thank you good God, because I was able to successfully complete the activities that were entrusted to me during the day. Whether at home, at work, with the chores and tasks that I did today, I understand how much you care for my welfare and for the good of those around me and those who love me.

If tonight it is your will my Lord, allow me to see the sun of the new dawn, to see its colors and to listen to the creatures that you created in detail so that the human being does not feel alone. With all my heart I ask you to take all the matters that I have pending, to solve them in case they become complicated and to accompany me in every struggle that comes.

Thank you for listening to me my God, now I am ready to rest with my loved ones, my Lord, but not before begging you to take care of us tonight and watch over the sleep of each one of us. Do not allow the wickedness of this world to consume us at rest. Keep us from every evil, accident or danger that may surprise us. Embrace us tonight, O holy Father, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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