Night Prayer for May 15

Beloved Father, I finish another day by your side, and I thank you for what you allow me to learn daily, even though the night has fallen, You do not rest and You do it for me because You love me, Thank You dear God!

Thank you for your care and blessings in the journey of the day, for the return home with well being that I had, thank you for all those details. I have many reasons to glorify you blessed God, thank you for putting me on earth to be the messenger of the love you give me.

I want to fulfill all your commandments and reach towards the path of happiness, let me Lord, have a rest tonight, let it be restful and with the confidence that I can be at peace with myself, with you and with all the people that surround my life.

Through your love and the love of your Son Jesus, I ask you to forgive me for not acting at times according to your word Lord.I ask for your absolution because I let my sins outweigh my strength and because I tend to make the same mistakes every day.

I know I am not worthy, but I would like to ask You for my family and for the people who surround my life today, for those who do not want to know about You and believe that their strength is enough to achieve what they desire, so that someday their hearts may be softened by You and return like the prodigal son to his father.

Walk with me eternal God, be the one to lead this tribulation that hungers and thirsts for your love, and teach us to always row against the current of the presently normalized world. Grant us the grace to remain in union and may all your love be reflected in our actions, Lord.

I thank you again for all that you give me, O good shepherd, because you always try to speak to me and because you are still at my side in spite of my mistakes and my faults.

Grant me the grace to have a restorative rest in body and spirit, I need You, much more than the dark sky of the moon. I want to recover from all the energy I put into the day and if You will it, I can have a dawn full of hope that things will be better than before, I bid You good night in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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