Night Prayer for May 17

My God, tonight I enter your presence to rest, confidently placing my life in your holy hands. Thank you for all that you let me live today. I recall all the moments that have happened and I am filled with joy to know that you have been in each one of them unconditionally, especially in the difficult moments.

Blessed Father, only with you I can experience a piece of the heaven I long for, because you show me your love at every moment. I thank you for all the blessings you put in my day, for the things I got, for the moments I was able to love and share with the people I love. 

Although the day was not absolutely full of good things, I also want to thank you for the inconveniences I had at work or in my studies. It is a way for me to have patience and to mold my character Lord, it is hard for me to say it, but thank you very much for that too.

Thank you very much also my merciful Father, for the moments of doubt, those that make me look for you more and understand the purpose of your plans, I can through them also, manifest your power, because just in those moments, you let me become strong in You.

Now I am ready to rest, my God, I want to close my eyes and try to recover all the strength I need to face another day, I know I can do it because You go with me. Protect my sleep, protect my rest and let my anxieties be put aside, so that my mind is no longer troubled. 

Tonight, I ask You not to forsake all the people who need You my Lord. I ask You for the people who are struggling with physical illness, for those who are going through a problem of anguish, addiction or debt.

I do not want to sleep, without first, begging your forgiveness tonight good Father. Forgive me for all the imprudence that I have committed today, for the damage that I have sometimes unintentionally caused to my brothers and sisters. Because I lose patience with a friend or family member and hurt their heart. 

And now, with a very exhausted body, I want to rest in your grace, free from my enemies and disturbing temptations, take my life Father and dispose it for a new dawn full of spectacular opportunities that will magnify my soul for your glory, through Jesus Christ, my Lord, Amen.

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