Night Prayer for May 18

Good Father, the night arrives to keep us company in this beautiful dialogue that is about to begin, and what I cannot help doing is to thank You so much for allowing me to experience a long, but very blessed day by Your side. 

That night I cry out to You my Lord and I also thank You for the opportunities that You gave me this morning, I was able to take them into account and see that they were realized in my favor. Thank you because you show your love and paternity by being by my side in all the decisions I could make, please do not stop doing it.

Thank you also my good Lord, for the things that did not work out so well for me, because those moments became complicated when going through an illness, having an economic problem or for some hard moment that saddened my family. 

I want to take advantage of what I was thinking, to recognize before You, the mistakes I made. Forgive me with all my heart, God of love, for the lack of patience, for reacting in a vindictive way to some harm or because my actions are not in accordance with what I usually preach.

Today, my God, I ask You in a special way for my family, for the people You put in my path to accompany me, and for all those who need You. Help them always to live according to your precepts, not to let themselves be overcome by problems and to hunger and thirst in their souls for You, Lord.

Thank You for calling me as Your son and servant, in spite of my faults, because the power of Your grace is much greater than any sin, than any evil, thank You that You are attentive to my prayers, my supplications and in many ways You try to encourage me to continue in this daily struggle.

If You will it, grant me one more day full of You, my Father, because more than any day, for my heart, it means a new opportunity to be holy, to be more human, to be more your child, a new opportunity to give You glory and praise for all your goodness.

Be my guardian tonight, I have the hope that with you I can reach full happiness. Until tomorrow God of my life, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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