Night Prayer for May 19

Dear God, today is a special night, because my room is being enveloped by your presence through this prayer. I take advantage of the fact that the voices and external noises are diminishing, to bring to my mind everything that has happened today and I want to thank you for what I have lived my Lord.

Thank you also for taking care of my loved ones, because they are well tonight and under your protection, I ask you to keep them close to you, so they do not lose sight of you as the center of their lives.

Thank you because your glory is eternal and your power is immense to conquer any battle. Thank You for all the blessings that You placed in my life, because I felt protected by You at every moment and because during adversity, You held my hand tightly. 

I thank You because my eyes were able to perceive many details that motivated me to continue persevering throughout the hours. Thank you because perhaps I am going through an illness, which unbalances my health a little, but perhaps within it there is something more than pain, I place my condition in your hands my God.

Thank you blessed Father, because you cover the needs of my home, always putting a plate of food on my table, so that I can share it with my family, because we have a space where we can take shelter from the cold and the dangers outside. 

Tonight dear Lord, I ask you not to take your gaze from me, nor from the people who do not know how to have you in their lives, those who are disoriented or blinded in their souls. I ask You for the people who lost faith in You and in humanity, because they were hurt. 

With shame in my soul, I come to beg your forgiveness my Lord, because my weaknesses are stronger than I am, or because I made mistakes that I thought I would never make again. But, here I am, on my knees to ask your forgiveness Father, for my lack of faith or my lack of empathy. 

I want to be embraced by You, all night long merciful Father, I need to rest from any guilt or any bad moment I may have spent, that left me very exhausted. I want You to be the reason for my awakening tomorrow, that nothing can matter to me more than finding You, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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