Night Prayer for May 20

Glorious Lord, how good it feels to be here in your loving presence. Before I open myself to rest, I would like to open myself to prayer. I prostrate myself before You, to contemplate every action and event today, and my heart thanks You with great joy. 

Thank You, Lord, for the joy of being able to live healthy and in Your company, because You never leave me unattended and in this way You manifest Your love to me daily. I ask you to never leave me alone at any moment, even if I ask you to do so in my frustration of the moment.

I have the joy of being able to return home without problems or dangers, I thank you for it Lord. Watch over the people I love the most tonight, be attentive to them my good God so they can get a good rest to all their fatigue and weariness, help us to always find you to have you as the center of our lives and our home.

Always provide calmness so that I may not despair in trials and courage to continue every battle that comes my way. Protect me from the plans of the evil one, so that it is You who reigns tonight, I hide under your shadows my Lord, with You I feel safe in your grace and mercy.

I ask You Father of goodness, for the problem that has me uneasy, for the difficulty that afflicts my life a little. Give me the strength Lord, to face it, that You and I know well, the courage to stand at the foot of the cross and not hide because with You I can do everything.

I do not want to let this night pass without first asking your forgiveness for all the words that have offended your presence and my brothers, for the mistakes that I still cannot stop committing. Forgive my weakness my Lord, for I am a vulnerable person and I fail the commitment I made to you. 

Beautiful heavenly Father, grant me the gift of a new awakening. That in this beautiful night, my body may rest and recover from all the energy spent in the hustle and bustle of the day, that upon awakening I may obtain much strength to serve with greater willingness.

Give my mind the tranquility so that it can clear itself of any stormy thought and thus leave everything in your sacred hands. Thank you again for this meeting beloved Father and if it is your will, allow me to have a new opportunity in the dawn that is coming in a few hours, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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