Night Prayer for May 21

My precious Lord, today I turn to You and on my knees, I begin this dialogue by giving You infinite thanks for all that I have experienced during the day, because Your goodness is so great and fills every space in me. Thank You for the gift of friendship and brotherly love, presented in my family, partner or friends.

Today I want to give you honor my God, for how great your wonderful name is and because you are always there, for any creature that calls for your help or seeks your presence. Blessed are you forever beloved Father, because no power can be greater than your mercy and because you show tenderness for all your children.

Thank you for not letting go of my hand, for remaining close to me. Thank you for all things, for the good and not so good, because everything that happened will be part of my formation as a son, father or professional, especially to be part of your kingdom.

Forgive me my God, so that in your grace, I may recognize you in the brother who needs support, for ignoring an elderly person or a child in the street, or for being so cold in my dealings. Cleanse and sanctify my heart Father, that it may be new and crystal clear so that I may make peace with the people I did not treat well today.

Whenever I fall or stumble, pick me up Lord, purify my soul tonight from every wound, through the healing of your Spirit. Flood my heart with your divine presence and remove every stain that would torment my thoughts and dull the thrill of following you.

Today, I abandon myself in your arms, to trust in your word, in your promises, miracles in my life. Help me to solve the problem that so afflicts my mind, the things that make my heart break with sadness; with your powerful right hand, my soul returns to live and to fight with more strength and thus, to come out of the battle victorious.

Thank you for the delicacy that you have had with my family, continue to take care of them so that you may relieve them of the burden of their sorrows or pains that may mortify them. Always give them your peace and unity in the home to strengthen them. 

May my rest restore my energy and encourage my heart. Give me the calm I need to put my troubles behind me and keep only the lessons. I place my tired and burdened body in your arms, with the confidence that you can do all things and always want my good, I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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