Night Prayer for May 22

Merciful and tender Father, today the night approaches, covering my room with your wonderful creation and my soul wants to tell you Thank you my God! because today you gave me wings to cover me from the cold and the heat in the difficulty, because you put much attention in me, in my family and you took care of us in the journey of the day. 

That is why in the light of the stars, my heart rejoices in your presence to render honor and glory to You forever, King of my whole life, because you fix your eyes on this poor child and make me feel that I am worth much in your eyes and in the eyes of the people who love me, because you paint a different day than the others, thus demonstrating your loving details. 

How many things you do for me and for others blessed God, with my prayer I want to give all my love and gratitude, and thus, continue to value what you give me. Miraculous Father, thank you for covering all my needs and for teaching me to achieve everything with effort and dedication.

I am very fortunate you know, because I have you by my side. This makes me think of the times I did not value it, I did not think about how much you loved me and I ask your forgiveness Lord, for blinding me in my selfish bubble and not looking at you.

May my dreams come true being in your wonderful presence Father, and in the darkness of the night that surrounds me, may I see the light of new hope in the face of the storm. While it is true, that things sometimes do not work out as I expect them to, the most important thing is that I learn to understand your divine will in them.

Thank you my Father, for the lessons of this day made in moments with good or bad experiences, but from which I am learning to be more human. I ask you with all the strength of my being, that tonight you take absolutely all my home, that your grace covers from floor to ceiling all my home.

Take my family Lord, and wrap them in your arms and help them to rest from all their activities. Drive away all troubles that may trouble their minds and keep them united in the light and dark of circumstances please.

Allow me to help those in need, if you grant me a new dawn, so that I may accompany my neighbor and be a means of yours. Tonight, help me to sleep calmly my God, I need it, I feel too tired. I trust that you hear me and will be my guardian Father, in the company of the good Jesus, Amen.

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