Night Prayer for May 23

Loving Father, how time goes by so fast and now, the night is keeping us company so that I can bring my heart closer to yours and thus, give you immense graces. Now that the hustle and bustle is over, I am making an account of everything that has happened, so as not to forget anything, I want to give you everything through this prayer.

Thank you Lord, because today you allowed me to arrive until now well and in your presence, thank you for the good experiences, the good company and the smiles that you drew with each anecdote that happened to us this day. 

Although sometimes I do not feel you, I know that you are here and that you do not leave me alone. Beloved King, tonight I am ready to rest and recover my strength through my dreams. Hide me under your right hand, do not allow disturbances to torment me, give me the hope of having a new day by your side and by the side of the people I love the most.

I thank you, because you protected my loved ones from all evil, because you do not leave them alone and you have brought them home safely. This prayer goes for them too, O Father, because I want the best for them, because I love them with all my life. 

Give us the courage at all times to overcome bad times, merciful Father, and do not allow the enemy to take advantage of us. Take away all evil feelings and help us to forgive each other always, to support each other without expecting anything in return and to be attentive to each other without judging each other.

Heavenly Father, before I lay my head on my pillow, I want to ask your forgiveness for my faults. Forgive me Lord, if today I was ungrateful to you or to a brother or sister, sometimes the daily hustle and bustle lets me overlook some mistakes. 

Today I want to have the confidence that You will solve the problem that breaks my heart Lord. May your mercy be the one that fills me with hope and sweetens the bitter pill that I am going through with these difficulties. I give you, my God, all my pain, so that you may be the one to heal it and turn it into a teaching.

I take shelter under your presence my good shepherd, so I can have a full rest in your love, listen to each of my pleas to cushion every challenge or problem that comes and grant me one more day at your side to serve you and reach your glory my Father of goodness, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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