Night Prayer for May 24

Good Father, calm has come at this hour and I ask you to watch over my sleep tonight with me, because it is time to approach you in my small offering made prayer. How beautiful to stop and think for a while, and to be able to contemplate your presence hour after hour of the day, so constant in me and in my family, Thank you blessed God!

First, I would like to begin by thanking you Master, for all that I have learned, and although it is hard for me to say this, thank you for the bad moments I had during the day, because I have the hope that in the midst of them You are fighting with me and helping me to mature spiritually. 

As lights in my room, you light up the sky with your stars, so that they subtly accompany this honest conversation and, I would like to ask that before I sleep, you may take my life Lord, and turn it into clay in your hands. 

Bless my whole house with your love and each of the people who live in it, so that there is no danger that can destroy their hearts and lives. Give me peace and calm, my God, and give me the certainty that with you my need is saved.

I ask You, in Your divine will, to grant me one more day, together with many opportunities of better service for You and my brothers and sisters. I know how much you love me but I also know that you have many things prepared for me, because your mercy knows no limits and your goodness knows no little.

Come to put hope to renew my interior Lord, be that lasting joy that my heart requires holy God, make every trial, a new opportunity to sanctify me, to go ahead to meet my goals. 

I do not want to let the night pass without recognizing myself as a sinner and regretting all the faults I may have committed today. Forgive me Lord, for my selfishness or bad thoughts. I want to make a little more effort to improve all of this, grant me the grace to not fall any more and to get up with the strength of your Spirit.

This day has come to an end, I want my last words before going to sleep to be of gratitude, because wherever I go there you are, you are the sun of my mornings and the motives that impel me to get up from my bed to fulfill my dreams. Watch over my rest, O holy Father, in the name of Jesus the savior, Amen.

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