Night Prayer for May 25

God of my universe, night has come again and I am about to place myself in your blessed presence. The first exhale of tiredness, brings to my mind everything I did and happened to me throughout the day, and well, I draw the conclusion that no matter how tiny it may seem at times, You have been in every second of my day, thank you very much Father.

Thank You for the opportunity of every moment lived, of every lesson in every experience whether it is good or bad, the important thing is to see beyond it.

You are worthy of praise Father of goodness, because you taught me a little more of your wisdom, by accumulating lessons for my life, because this beautiful night, my lips glorify you and honor your Name above every name. In sickness, in health, in sickness, in dark or sunny, my heart will not cease to proclaim your royalty in service my God.

Give me your protection tonight God of my life, I implore your care and attention my Lord, that the darkness may not be a symbol of fear and rejection, but a space to know myself more deeply and recognize my littleness. 

My heart is oppressed when I remember my mistakes today, I remember your words and at the same time the fault I committed against them. Every day I commit them, I wish I had a little more willpower to refuse temptations. 

Take my worries, the ideas that constantly haunt my head, my guilt and sorrows and lighten my burdens Lord, give me the hope to believe that I will be able to come out with my head held high in the face of adversity. Holy Father, please come to my aid, I need you.

I have the idea that your love, does not rest because it is inexhaustible. I ask you to please make room for me there to restore my soul and put me back on my feet for the test. I love you Lord, but sometimes I think it is not enough, so I want to ask you to show me how I can love you more from the beautiful to the painful.

With the last strength I have left, tonight I want to thank you once again blessed Lord, I entrust my whole life to you, with all my scars and my patches of joy, for in your hands they are safe. Stay with me and the people I love dearly, through Jesus our Lord, Amen.

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