Night Prayer for May 26

My good adored Lord, a curtain of stars is illuminating the dark night sky, to light up my heart in the midst of tiredness and to be able to turn to You. Thank you for this day that is already culminating, because the manifestation of your love was in all the spaces and corners of my day.

Thank you mighty God, because you took care of me from the dangers, as the child of yours that I am. Thank you because even though there is a lot of evil in this world, you did not let anything hurt me, you protected me and filled me with goodness and integrity; I was able to return home peacefully after having carried out all my activities.

Your love does me much good Lord, it comforts this heart that is hard to make mistakes every day, but is in great need of You. Therefore, today I raise my prayers to your altar, as my greatest offering so that you may hear them and so that you may stay with me. 

Come Lord, to bless my home and each one of the people who live in it, cover our lives with your precious mantle, may no space be left without your presence. May your light be like the indispensable candle that my room needs to keep me from falling into darkness. 

Help me to strengthen my spirit, to have the hope that the problems I am going through will be solved, that all will be well. Take my thoughts, my doubts and take charge of them, O good Father, I want you to accompany me in every struggle, because I cannot do it alone.

Take in your arms my Lord, all that I ask of you, take care of me while I sleep and lull me like the little one I am before you. Ease the burdens of my family and friends, no one but You know them in depth, You know what they fear, what breaks their hearts and what they have longed for since childhood. 

Tonight blessed God, I also ask You to help me understand the plans You have for me. It is difficult for me many times, to let go of something that I think is convenient for my life and it is not, because I do not see your face in it. 

I am about to close my eyes, I am too tired my God. Stay by my side, I feel safer with you, I am not afraid to have bad dreams. Thank you for listening to all that I say to you and, if it is your will, grant me the joy of waking up to be a reflection of you for all those who seek you, in the living name of Jesus, Amen.

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