Night Prayer for May 27

Holy Father, the day is about to end completely, my heart is overflowing with joy because I could feel your care and vigilance through your gaze on me. I am here to thank you very much Lord, for the opportunities you gave me today, for the moments I lived too, because you called me to serve under your will, and all the activities I did were successful, because you allowed them.

Thank you for all the great love that you give, demonstrated in different situations of my life, in the eyes of my family members, in the smile and the embrace of my friends. Thank you my God, because your blessings know no limits and that makes my soul bigger every day.

Take care of my dreams, blessed Lord, and give me the peace of mind I need to rest tonight. Allow my body to recover all its strength so that tomorrow, if You will it, will be a day with many goals and challenges. 

Thank You for listening to my needs on a daily basis, for allowing my family to be reunited once again, and for guiding them back home safely. Thank you for being with them, every minute of the day, because you give them jobs and studies, above all, for their health, thank you for taking care of it.

Tonight I want to ask you for the people who suffer incurable diseases, for those who are going through strong economic problems or feel completely alone. Give them much strength Lord, so that all doubt or despair may disappear from their lives. 

 Be the hope and light I need, and my protection when evil surprises me. Do not allow the enemy to be triumphant, nor to keep me away from You.

I want to walk with a firm and sure step, with my head held high, proud to be your child and courageous to act according to what I preach for You. I am convinced that You are the shepherd of my life, and if I have You, I can lack nothing. You alone can help me to rest fully, as if I were in a large meadow outside the city.

If You will it, give me the opportunity to have a new day my Lord. Do not let my dreams be interrupted by the enemy, fight with me every battle to come. My body gives no more, I am ready to rest in your arms, with the certainty that you will take care of me, be with me, O good Father, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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