Night Prayer for May 28

Incomparable Lord, I was looking forward to finishing this great day so that I could talk to you and thank you very much for all that I have experienced today. It feels so beautiful to live in your love and your company, expressed in the gaze of my dearest ones, in the sun that you have already hidden so that I can now appreciate your starry blue veil, among other wonders.

Your blessings were sufficient and precise for this day Lord, I have been able to live in your mercy and in your infinite love; I have felt listened to and accompanied in all the activities I have carried out, thank you Lord.

Have mercy Lord, for your infinite goodness, because my pride was stronger than my humility, or because I complain a lot about the bad things that happen to me without seeing beyond, your blessing in it. I am a new vessel in your hands, my potter, mold my life anew please.

You who know all my inner self and what is burdening me, I ask you to look at the difficulties I am going through, to give me your shoulder Lord, I know I am not worthy, but I can do nothing without You, the result is not the same, if I am worth by my selfishness and take the course of everything without including You. Take charge of my sorrows and my anguish, of those doubts that torment my mind at night.

Do not let me think too much Lord, for that hurts me, and if it happens, let it be to think of You. Give me a breath of life for discouragement. Let all my doubts be dispelled, and let my faith in your promises prevail, that I may not lose you and that you may be my focus.

Tonight, sacred Father, I entrust my home, my friends and my community to you, that you may shower all your blessings upon each of them, and enable them to rest in you, heal any wounds they may have stored up and repair their strength for tomorrow. 

Through your love, help them to have a rest in you, to know the value they have and the capabilities with which they have been created to give meaning to their lives.

Thank you blessed Lord, because I feel that you listen to me and taking advantage of this moment, I want to ask you to stay watching over me. Grant me a full rest where I can deposit all my weariness in You, beloved Father. Be my faithful guardian tonight and if You will, give me the joy of a new dawn, I ask it in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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