Night Prayer for May 29

Dear Father, my heavenly guardian; the night came quickly for me, followed by a silence that accommodates my thoughts and turns them into a prayer for your ears. I want to begin by thanking you for all that I was able to live today, for my life, I am safe and sound at home.

Thank you my God, because your presence was maintained throughout this hard day, in the words of love of my brothers, in the unexpected hugs that only you knew I needed, in the smiles of the people I was able to help and in the beautiful sunset that you painted in all its splendor before nightfall. 

In spite of the great tiredness and heaviness I carry on my back, I come on my knees before You to honor Your name my Lord, because You do not look at the trunk of my soul, but at the possibility I have of being able to reach heaven with You, You help me to see myself as Your child and to give me a value of my own in the eyes of the world. 

I feel relieved and so loved, by allowing my family to return home safely, because they are people who despite their hard experiences, have raised me based on your love and have given their all so that I may be formed as a worthy and honorable person.

Today I only need to thank you my Lord, because I have been touched by your mercy since morning and I have also felt protected from any harm that may come to me. 

You are worthy of all praise and honor, here on earth and in heaven, be forever blessed my God. There is none greater and more loving than You, King of my universe. Glory be to You Father, for You welcome the dying pleas of Your children who hunger and thirst for You, for You comfort the suffering and encourage the sorrowful.

In order to rest with my soul in peace, I kneel before your feet to ask your forgiveness Lord, because I am very clumsy with my words and my impulses win me over, hurting my neighbor; or because perhaps I lack humility to be corrected when I am wrong.

Heal this heart that feels sad if it is not enveloped by your grace. I am ready to rest in your arms again to dissolve my exhaustion and the temptations that want to interrupt my sleep. Give me a new dawn Father of love, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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