Night Prayer for May 30

My God, at the end of this day, I come to You to thank You for my life, my family and all my loved ones. My heart is full of gratitude for all that I have been able to contemplate and experience today. I have been able to see your face on several occasions, to know that you are by my side, watching over my steps.

Thank you because every opportunity you have given me is a great blessing for this arduous journey that has passed. Do not cease to be my guide and my protective Father. Keep the strength in me, I need it Lord, to face adverse situations that came suddenly, thank you because you came to me calmly to relieve the soul of despair.

All that I keep in my heart, You know it Lord. I give it to You with the certainty that You will take care of it and will not let it get discouraged in the face of a bad experience or a situation that endangers my process of walking to heaven.

The shadow of the night invites me to rest. But I cannot do so without first asking you to absolve me of any harm or mistake I made today, whether it be my lack of charity or patience with the people around me. Pour out your mercy on my weary spirit and cleanse me from every stain.

Thank you for your immeasurable goodness Lord, for your faithfulness is marvelous and there is no comparison that can surpass it.

Deliver me from all that has harmed me, that I may keep joy in my heart and trust in you. Soften some defects that I find difficult to accept, so that I may be covered with all your light in this dark night.

I ask You tonight, for the people who are unaware of Your love, and waste their youth. Touch their hearts strongly, they require much of your presence to make sense of their lives. Give them peace and an awakening with all the desire to seek and follow you.

I am very exhausted Lord, that is why, I surrender myself confidently to your arms, to obtain a full rest, full of calm, full of You. Grant me the joy of contemplating You in the new awakening of tomorrow, do not leave me alone tonight my Lord, I ask it in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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