Night Prayer for May 31

Good and eternal God, in the silence of the night, I meditate in my interior all that happened during the day; and my soul rises in prayer to thank you. How many wonders you did to manifest to me all your love and your divinity Thank you Lord!

Help me not to lose my concentration tonight to continue sharing from heart to heart. Thank you Holy God, because I could perceive your presence in every experience I had during the day.

Thank you for the blessing of the evening, because it is as if you were asking me to continue accompanying you, through the good experiences, such as sharing the table with my loved ones, or having pleasant moments at work or in my study center; they help me to increase the joy of taking you everywhere. 

I raise to You my praise made prayer, because there is no King who has revolutionized the world with love as You my God, blessed and praised be You forever, because You do not neglect your children even for a second. For Thy patience is as infinite as Thy goodness, and in the bitter moments of my life, Thou art honey in my heart.

With shame and regret in my soul, I ask your forgiveness for the faults I have committed today my Lord. For forgetting you when I feel too excited or frustrated, for not measuring my impulses with my words before my brothers. Renew my whole soul sacred Father, I want to be a new vessel in your hands, I want to begin again in your mercy my God.

Most High Lord, I also want to ask you for my friends, to take care of them and give them calm during their rest, help them in all the things that afflict their hearts and disturb their thoughts, please do not leave them alone, although sometimes they do not ask for it, You know very well that they need You to move forward.

On your altar I also give you the most precious thing I have of myself, together with the things that break my heart. Take it and take it with you my Lord, because there is no better place for my rest than in your hands, I rest and trust in you my good God.

If I have the chance of a new dawn, I would like it to begin at your hand beloved Father, because your love makes everything beautiful, everything good. Stay watching over my dear God, it is already very late and I am about to close my eyes but not my heart because it is yours, good night in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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