Night Prayer for June 1

On this day I do not want to stop being grateful to you Lord, for the miracle of my life. Because everything you give me, you do it with absolute surrender, because your mercy has been poured on this little heart and on my family.

Thank you my Lord, because my loved ones returned home safely and away from the danger in the streets. Thank you for their lives and their companionship, I ask that you continue to keep them with you under your wings of love. Watch over their dreams and do not let the evil one interrupt their rest.

Merciful Lord, thank You for allowing me to continue with You until the night, it is a great detail, to know that You love me by Your side and care for me as Your little child. I kneel before You to thank You from my heart for all that You allowed me to live today, because I am in good health and once again in Your presence.

Remove from me, the thoughts that may disturb my rest, remove all evil from my room and my life, so that every corner and space is inhabited by You, dwell in my existence and in that of all my family please. 

And not to cease to be constant, I want every day to cleanse my heart with your mercy. I want to ask for your forgiveness, because I know that I fail daily and I am ashamed to say it, but I need to live under your grace to be able to continue with a firm step before life. 

I wish with all my heart, that my prayer does not cease to be constant, that in spite of tiredness, fatigue or sleep, I can always show you my love, giving you the time you deserve through my prayers, through my praises, because You do not rest for me and You give me everything for everything How can I be ungrateful to You, blessed Father! 

To you, O wonderful Lord, I raise my praise and I proclaim your holy Name over every creature so that everything that lives and breathes, may give you honor and glory for all eternity, because you do goodness and beauty with your works, because you do not abandon your children in spite of their faults, in spite of their defects.

All that I ask of you, I do it with an open heart, with great sincerity and the hope that I will be heard by you tonight, be with me beloved Father, there is nothing better than to stay all the hours of the day and night than in your presence. In your goodness I take refuge Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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