Night Prayer for June 2

Beloved Father, tonight, I place my life in your hands, I place my dreams, my desires, my worries, my doubts, I place everything in your hands Lord, because only you have the wisdom to be able to direct each one of my desires and worries, thank you for giving me your trust Father to be able to talk to you tonight as if we were one.

I want to thank you because on this day nothing was missing, I had the joy of being with my family, with my friends, with people I esteem and who daily teach me a lot about life, thank you for putting each of these people in my life Father.

I want to thank you oh Blessed Lord, because food was not lacking on my table, because health accompanied us throughout the day and we were able to carry out each of our activities, thanks to the fact that our bodies were nourished and our souls were well fed with your immense love.

I want to thank you tonight my Lord, because you always take me by the hand, because every decision I made today I did it thinking of you Lord, to know if it was to your liking, to know if it was within my principles.

May this night Father, be of absolute rest, may my body obtain the rest it needs so much, but above all, may my soul strengthen its faith and fortitude for the day to come, because I want to always stand firm in your words, my God.

I ask you Merciful Lord, that tonight you offer your protection to the most helpless, to those who have been left on the streets, who have no roof or home to protect them from the evils that lurk at night, protect them Father please.

Blessed Lord, forgive my sins tonight, erase from me every mark of evil, every act of hatred and rancor, remove from my life the negative feelings that arise from day to day, do not let those feelings keep me away from your side my Lord.

May this blessed night, may you give us once again the protection that we long for, may our souls rest in peace tonight, and may our bodies recover their strength, so that tomorrow, if you so desire Lord, I may find myself able to help others. In the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Amen.

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