Night Prayer for June 3

My God, I want to begin by thanking You for today’s routine, which was full of many blessings, the same blessings that were distributed to all the people I met today, even in all the details of Your marvelous creation.

Today I raise my voice to praise you with all my heart, because you love without exception; for you, there is no bad son, no matter how many sins he has committed, you are forever worthy to praise my King of kings. May every town, street or city glorify you because your promises are true and are in accordance with what your word says. 

I have been able to enjoy a dish at my table in the company of my loved ones, I have had one more day of work or studies, I have shared many smiles with my friends. Thank you for such a precious gift my Lord, these tokens of love are indelibly sealed in my soul.

Tonight, I am ready to rest from all fatigue and every disturbance that shakes my mind a little. Give me the opportunity to lull myself in your arms once again beloved Father, I need to remain in your presence, help me to drive away every evil, every nightmare or thought that wants to interrupt my dreams.

Give me a new heart, clean of every stain I carry from the past and pain. I want to return to You, let us be friends again Lord, I ask for your infinite goodness and mercy.

Give me the courage to throw myself into the world carrying on my chest a cross with your name on it, so that neither shame nor mockery may dominate me and make me hide you from my life. It is difficult to follow You Lord, but it is the best way for my soul, because even for You it was also very complicated to follow the precepts of your Father.

Grant me the guts you had to be a walking testimony, a street walker of faith. That without the need to speak, I may bring the love in your presence to the people who need it most.

Accompany this fragile heart that loves you and hopes in you, watch over my dreams Lord, I feel very exhausted. Take away everything that does not make me mature or grow in charity and if You have it written, grant me an awakening under your grace, good night beautiful God, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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