Night Prayer for June 4

God of love and goodness, on this beautiful night, I would like to thank you for having remained by my side throughout my day. Thank you because the day is about to end and I have the opportunity to close it in your presence, thank you because you have preserved my physical integrity, so that I can carry out all the activities that will help me grow as your child.

I would like your love to continue enveloping me tonight, as it did throughout the day, because it makes me feel very happy. That same love moves me to exalt your name, to adore you more and more, to seek your will in every praise.

Tonight my Lord, I ask you to grant me the tranquility that my room needs, to be able to rest in confidence, take care of me and protect me, because I do not want to move away from you Lord. Be the companion of my dreams, I need your presence.

Merciful Father, I do not want to close my eyes without first remaining in your grace. Please forgive all the sins I committed today, my faults and mistakes. I feel very bad when sin keeps me away from you and I do not want to imagine what my whole life would be like without your Spirit. 

Gracious Father, thank you so much for the blessing that you pour on my family, because until now, you took care of them and protected them well when they came back home. Thank you that they have a job or studies where they can grow as professionals.

Thank you for unity, because in spite of our differences, you keep us strong. Help us to be messengers of your faith and your peace, so that we can go everywhere carrying as your reference, our living and true testimony.

With my heart oppressed, I ask you please for the difficulty I am going through, for the illness, for the economic shortages, for some family or work problem that may happen and do not let my mind rest. Give me the option to be able to analyze each circumstance carefully, to make the best decisions for its solution. 

I want to give everything I have in this new dawn, if it is your will. Good night beloved Father, be my guardian because I feel very tired, give me a rest to revitalize my spirit. Stay here Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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