Night Prayer for June 5

Dear Father, a new light appears before us and I contemplate it with great satisfaction in my heart. Thank you for telling me in this way, that you already have a promise for me today. Accompany me Lord in this new dawn, because with you, I am sure that things will be better for me than yesterday.

I want you to be the reason for all my efforts, for every breath and every dawn. I ask you to be the driver of my life that is about to depart with new visions and opportunities. Thank you for this morning that allows me to contemplate the preciousness of your creation, the splendor of the sky with all that surrounds it.

With all these first wonders, I raise my voice to You in praise, may it be the best of all because You deserve it my Lord, I praise You with all that I have and am, there is no one like You, blessed God. Be forever blessed and praised Holy and mighty Lord. 

Today I have many things to accomplish, people to see and share. I need You for everything to be done successfully, without breaking with your teachings, nor my principles. Do not let me forget to be grateful at all times, because everything I have comes from your hand, and because you always seek what is right and necessary for me. 

If all that I desire is fulfilled for your glory, I ask you with all my heart that my gaze may not turn away from you my God. But, if things do not go well as I had planned, I ask You not to allow discouragement to invade me, that I may not complain; but that I may see beyond that moment of frustration. 

This morning I ask You for the young people, for those who follow You, that their perseverance may not fade despite the difficulties; for those who have distanced themselves from You; that You may clear up their doubts and that they may return as a son to his father; and for those who do not know You and are in evil steps.

May your infinite mercy embrace the hearts most in need of You, calm their anguish and their pains. Do not forget that they are also your children my Lord. Renew their lives and illuminate with the bright sun, all their future and may today be very productive for them.

My good God, be my rock and the source of living water for my soul, do not look away from me and give me the opportunity to see you and know that you are by my side, blessed Father. 

Please do not turn away, under your grace I take refuge and am filled with hope to end the day with the right hand of your victory. Take away every thought of revenge that does not let me contemplate your face in my brothers, that the enemy does not take advantage of my weakness. I trust in You, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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