Night Prayer for June 6

My good Shepherd, tonight I am ready to thank you for the great joy of being able to share and live many things in the day, thank you for letting me get so far with you. Because your love is the great engine and light for everything that drives me to do.

I take advantage of this night silence to think about how much you have taken care of me during the day, keeping me away from the bad things that want to hurt me. You have clothed me with your arms of protection and filled me with security in all my activities. 

Pour out your blessings upon me and mine, continue to guard them from all dangers that may exist, and lead them in the right paths for their lives. Prevent the attacks of the enemies upon their souls, illuminate every darkness that falls upon them and do not let them fall into temptation. 

Help us to be humble like You, may we have the spirit to serve You and tell You that we are here to do Your will, to reach out to those who seek You in despair or lovelessness.

I feel very tired my Lord, but with all this regret I give you all the plans I have for tomorrow, all my desires for the future and my ideals. Take the reins of my whole life and take hold of my being with your Spirit.

As a favor I ask you for those who cannot rest because they do not know how to solve their bad moments or difficulties. Enlighten their minds and give them a full rest, where they can replenish their strength and seek you for those hard moments and also when they are doing well in life. 

With great frankness I ask you to take this sorrow that I feel, that torments me, together with my physical tiredness. Ease my burdens, all that clouds my vision of faith. Do not let this weariness, disappointment drag me into darkness, may my impulses not win me away from You, I beg your mercy on this small and fragile heart of mine God.

I place my weariness in your hands, in the hope that things will get better, that I will return to the way I was before, with the enthusiasm and the essence I had when I met you. May the silence of the night calm my thoughts and let me rest in your hands Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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