Night Prayer for June 7

Blessed God, owner of time and eternal perfection, tonight I approach You to thank You for the breath of life and the opportunities I was able to enjoy during the day. 

I raise my humble prayer, as the most precious thing I have for You, united to my soul, so that within it You may grant me Your mercy for my faults, for my lack of love with my imprudence, because perhaps, my weaknesses were more powerful than my own will and I opened the way to doubt, to lack of faith. 

I feel very grateful my Lord, because you gave many blessings to my family, because you allowed them to have a day full of your grace and your protection. One of the greatest joys for my life is that my family is well and that I can continue to share all that I have and achieve with much effort for them. 

Grant them a peaceful rest, where they can deposit all their fatigue and fears that prevent them from moving forward each morning with courage. Take care with great care of every step they take and enkindle their hearts with dreams and goals that motivate them to get up every dawn with the joy of following you.

I offer You with love my little heart my Father, along with my fatigue and all the worries that afflict me. I want to concentrate on You to put aside everything and to contemplate You with all my existing senses, so that tomorrow, I may dawn with energies restored by the sweet rest that You will give me.

Thank you again for the day you gave me, for the fruitful moments and the difficult ones that hide a great blessing within them, I want to learn more and more from them my Lord.

How good it feels to know that I have reached the end of this day in your wonderful presence, that even in my dreams I can look for you blessed Father, to rest convinced that your love makes everything possible.

I have no doubts tonight Lord, for You are with me. So I abandon myself in your arms beloved Father, there is no better shelter than in them. If your will permit, give me the gift of a new dawn, to hear your sweet voice once more so that I may witness your mercy wherever you send me, in the name of Jesus my friend, Amen.

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