Night Prayer for June 8

My Lord, when the night arrives and with the constellation of stars that today you shape to illuminate all your creation, my soul is ready to enter into your presence. I feel grateful because your protection and care have covered my life throughout the day, I have been able to return home safely and free from any danger or accident. 

Thank you for all that you give me to reach eternity by your side, for the daily blessings made family, friends, creation, landscapes and lives. Thank you for the work that allows me to bring bread to my table and to value every drop of sweat I put into my labors.

Grant me tonight the possibility to rest in your peace, I feel very tired Lord. Take my fatigue and discouragement, that you may turn them into new strength and positive thoughts for tomorrow. 

Take away all thoughts of failure or defeat, before I fall asleep. Take no account of my faults or mistakes please my God. Tonight, I ask you to embrace me in your mercy so that I may undo all evil so that I may rest in the peace of mind that I am safe with you.

Fill my whole room with your Spirit and comfort every part of my being. May the trials that await me tomorrow, increase my strength, my righteousness and increase my faith. I surrender all my plans to you, that they may be reviewed in your grace and that you may show me which ones truly fulfill your commandments.

Illuminate my home with your mercy Lord, that every time the night comes, I may find you in the silence and recognize myself as part of your masterpiece. May the darkness of my soul vanish forever and may your love help me to rejoice enough to be happy.

When the sky of my life turns dark, turn on a light immediately my God, so that I do not lose focus of what you have in store for me, You are the master of the day, the night; You know everything my beloved Lord and determine what is convenient for me.

If a new dawn is part of the plan you have for me today, I ask you to give me the opportunity to be able to take advantage of all that you give me with more awareness of your love, and to share with all the people I love the most, I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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