Night Prayer for June 9

Almighty God, with the night set before my eyes, I kneel before Your presence so that I can chat a little. I want to thank You for the comfort You give me in every work, in every study and in all the various activities I do day and night. 

Thank You for the comfortable moments that You let me spend, in every conversation, in every look, in every hug or company of people that You placed for me today, they fill me with joy and remind me that You are a Father full of vitality and with a spirit of joy and youth.

Thank you for the successful and beneficial results that gave me the jobs and studies that you gave me as an opportunity. Thank you my God, because you gave me skills to be able to use them with ability in each of the activities, for the gifts that make me more and more human and sensitive heart, to support my brothers in Christ.

This will always cost me, but I thank you also for the difficulties, I do not understand them in their totality; but in your divine wisdom, You have allowed them to ennoble my mind and spirit. I ask You for the unemployment, for the illness or for the hard moments of crisis that I go through, so that I may learn from each one and be firm in Your promises.

Thank you for not leaving me forgotten, sow in me the hope that every problem will be solved, help me to regain confidence in people who have hurt me, to understand the reason for their actions and forgive them in your mercy my Lord.

Today I ask you, for the people who cannot sleep, because the confusions invade their thoughts and make them lose the main focus which is You, have compassion on them beloved Lord, to remove all pain, all envy and lack of peace. 

Give me your divine breath, that it may strengthen my spirit, lift my spirits and repair my strength; so that in the end we may be two in one in this dawn that promises much blessing.

Conciliate my dreams in You, God of mercy, for I feel very vulnerable and weak. Please do not turn away, I know I am not worthy of your greatness, but let me ask you to be my guardian, keep away from me all evil that wants to disturb me, fill all my room with calm, because tonight I abandon myself in your arms. Good night, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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